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Sole Aesthetic: Foot And Ankle Disorders

Various conditions or disorders that occur in the foot and ankle that range from moderate to severe.

Have you been diagnosed with or believe you may be experiencing a foot and ankle disorder? Sole Aesthetic is your premier comprehensive foot and ankle treatment center in the greater Houston area. Dr. Vanessa Barrow and her certified staff members possess unmatched knowledge and expertise with treatment of foot and ankle disorders.

Some common conditions we evaluate and treat include:

Bunions – identifiable as a lump on the inside of the forefoot that causes discomfort with movement or wearing tight-fitted shoes.
Hammertoes – observed as an atypical arch in the middle joint of the toe
Neuroma – a benign growth of nerve tissue that can create tingling, numbness, or a burning sensation around the ball of the foot and in between the toes
Nail Fungus and other nail disorders – infections that occur within the toenail, causing brittle, ragged, or thickened nails
Athlete’s Foot and other skin disorders – infections that cause the skin to become scaly and stimulate sensations of stinging, burning, or itching as a result of sweating within tight-fitting shoes
Plantar Warts – tiny growths caused by the HPV virus that appear on the surface of the skin
Ingrown Nails – a common, yet painful condition where the toenail grows into the skin or if the skin grows over the edges of a toenail
Athletic Injuries – these can include ankle sprains, nerve damage, fractures, and more

If you are living with moderate to severe foot and ankle issues or disorders, call us, we will take care of you.

While some of these can be self-diagnosed, others may be more difficult to determine. If you notice or are experiencing any abnormal sensations in your feet or ankles, be sure to contact us today and take the next step towards determining the right treatment approach for you.

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Dr. Vanessa T. Barrow, DPM  | Podiatric Medicine & Surgery

“I bring the most innovative care of the foot and ankle to my patients, because I care about the future of medicine, and the future of your health.”