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Dr. Vanessa T. Barrow, DPM  | Podiatric Medicine & Surgery


Hot Doc in Heels
Love your Louboutins.
Cherish your Choos.
Marry your Manolos.
Vivify your Valentinos.
Adore your Aquazurras.

The Future of Medicine

Dr. Vanessa Barrow is proud to finally bring the integrated worlds of podiatric, regenerative and aesthetic medicine to Houston. Sole Aesthetic strives to bring patients the most innovative in non-operative treatments utilizing biologic technology. Dr. Barrow endeavors to enable patients to create a new standard of living and lifestyle, one that paves the way for whole body fitness and aesthetic by first focusing on the foundation of the body. It is her firm belief that the keys to total body health, wellness and beauty is achieved by unlocking SOLE health, wellness and beauty.

The Fit Sole

Dr. Vanessa Barrow

Dr. Barrow is passionate about being the foot and ankle specialist that wants to keep patients fit, functional, AND fabulous. She understands how important it is to not only feel your best, but look your best by being able to wear the shoes that you WANT to wear by offering specialized non-operative procedures that address specific areas subject to pain and discomfort endured wearing high-heeled shoes.
Some lifestyles simply can’t have it any other way.

The Aesthetic Mind

From aesthetic procedures, to regenerative treatments, surgical cases, and all around treatment of the foot and ankle, schedule your consultation with Dr. Barrow today.