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Sole Aesthetic: Biologic Therapies

Just as fine lines and wrinkles are a natural byproduct of getting older, so, too, can be a loss of cushion in our feet. Although you might initially think these things are unrelated, they are actually very intimately interconnected. This is because they are both tied to a loss in collagen.

Biologic therapy is a medically advanced treatment that is designed to harness the potential of the cell’s biology and natural healing function in order to restore and repair tissue damage and functionality. Through the use of biologic technology, patients can expect to see overall  improvements in the remodeling of damaged tissue.

PRP Treatment

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a treatment that includes utilizing the patient’s own blood in order to capture the cells responsible for healing and using their natural healing process in a high concentration. This is effective at stimulating repair of damaged tendons and ligaments that otherwise have a very poor blood supply.

The PRP procedure includes first extracting the patients blood to separate the platelet rich cells. Once they have been isolated, a series of minor injections are made to the treatment site. The cells then begin to perform their natural growth factors by triggering collagen production and other regenerative processes. 

PRP provides many benefits including: Treats chronic pain injuries, reduces tendonitis symptoms, helps decrease osteoarthritis symptoms, and helps heal conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Stem Cell Therapy (BMAC)

A second treatment option is to used stem cell therapy with BMAC. A sample bone marrow is aspirated from the leg bone, just above your ankle using a simple procedure, and then goes through a similar process of concentration in a centrifuge. This is called bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC). The final product is very similar to PRP but with the addition of stem cells, which are vital healing agents in your own body.

PRP and BMAC provide many benefits. After a thorough clinical evaluation, Dr. Barrow will determine which treatment will best suit you.

If you are looking for biological therapy in Houston as a solution to foot and ankle pain and treatment, call us, we will take care of you.

Dr. Vanessa T. Barrow, DPM  | Podiatric Medicine & Surgery

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